Berlin Calling - In July 2022, DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GmbH delivered a 165 ton Gas Engine from the clients factory in Rostock to the Fernheizwerk Neukölln located in Berlin, Germany.

The location of the Power Plant in downtown Berlin, surrounded with various obstacles for such transport, demanded a detailed transport planning and coordination with the authorities.

DAKO jointly with its client developed the idea to dismantle the Genset into three components (Baseframe, Engine and Generator) to reduce the transport height and transport weight to minimize necessary civil works for the transport and to receive the transport permits.

Due to tight space conditions and height differences at the jobsite, the technical pre-planning for the reassembly of the Genset in front of Power House and for the foundation delivery, played a fundamental part for the success for the project.

To perform this scope of work and to keep the tight schedule on track, we contracted a 500 tons mobile crane and a gantry system.

After a period intensiv pre-planning, the transport, the reassembly and the foundation delivery were executed within 5 days only.

Thanks to all partners involved and specially to our longstanding client CATERPILLAR MaK for the trust and the teamwork during the operation.