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From a few transports that have been planned and organized by the DACO-group, short but very interesting video clips have been produced. We have taken the liberty to put them in the net and you may watch them through this video portal. We hope that you find the transports challenging and the films interesting and we are open for any additional questions or comments. Have fun watching the films.

Blade Lifter / Guatemala

Our sister Company DACO HEAVY LIFT DE CENTROAMERICA S.A., the leading transport company for special heavy and bulky transports south of Mexico …

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… and north of Colombia, executed the transport of a wind park to a very remote area on the slopes of the still active Pacaya volcano in Guatemala. The new hydraulically operated Blade Lifter proved to be the right answer to the serpentine road and avoided tremendous costs widening the road.

Enjoy watching this interesting movie.

La Chorrera / Panama

New power station, total output 50 MW driven by 3 heavy engines, each 300 tons – complete with generators, condensers, transformers from north and south Europe …

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… up to the foundations in the power plant in the northwest of Panama. Ocean transport to Cristobal, heavy cargo pontoon transport, passage through the Panama Canal, along the Pacific coast up northwest, construction of a jetty into the Pacific ocean, roll off operation, bridge reinforcements, over-bridge systems, cable renewal and lifting, etc. A greatly complex logistic mission.

Power Plant Chimaltenango / Guatemala

This power plant was erected in the outskirts of the city of Chimaltenango in the Guatemalan mountains on a high plateau more than 1800m above sea level …

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… The ocean transport of the 4 heavy diesel engines with unit weights of 260 tons was executed from St. Nazaire in France to Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala. The main problem of the transport of the heavy engines and generators to the jobsite was to investigate and find a feasible transport route from Puerto Quetzal to the jobsite, to obtain the transport permits from the local authorities for the chosen route and of course to organize the transport. The most difficult task of the on-carriage in Guatemala was a steep slope with a length of 9 km and a gradient of up to 17.5.% into the Central American Cordillera. This needed a special technical organization and a hydraulic trailer combination as shown on the video. In addition several bridges had to be supported or had to be crossed using the over-bridge system of DACO HEAVY LIFT Guatemala. The overall service included heavy duty rigging works at the jobsite – assembling the engines with the basic frame and generator – as well as the foundation delivery of all heavy items.

Power plant Garabito / Costa Rica

11 heavy diesel engines with unit weights of 325 tons each and dimensions of 13,70m x 4,95m x 6,60m plus the generators, …

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… transformers and equipment for this diesel power station (a total of 45.000 frt) have been shipped by DAKO WORLDWIDE from origins from all over the world to Costa Rica, customs clearance and on-carriage to the jobsite incl. the delivery of the heavy lifts onto foundation, roughly aligned, have been handled by the sister companies DACOTRANS Costa Rica and DACO HEAVY LIFT Guatemala. Never before and thereafter such heavy pieces have been transported in Costa Rica. The infrastructure of the country – roads and bridges - did not have sufficient capacity to allow these transports on normal roads. Despite of this: The power station works today.

Oil exploration platform to the Caspian Sea

The DACO-group has handled the transport of an oil exploration platform from the wharf in Singapore to Baku in the Caspian Sea …

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… The platform was delivered in pre-fabricated pieces whereof the 2 pontoons with unit weights of 2350 tons each were the biggest challenge. The transport route taken: from Singapore through the Suez channel, the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean, through the Bosporus into the Black Sea. In the Black Sea the pontoons were discharged and the on-carriage was arranged with tug boats on the Don, through the Volga-Don-channel – the bottleneck of this transport as in the logs there were only a few centimeters space on each side – and then down the Volga into the Caspian Sea to Baku / Azerbaijan.