There is no bad weather

Rough weather conditions are not stopping DAKO Worldwide Transport from shipping your goods in a safe way around the globe. Presently we are taking care of a shipment consisting out of 5.200 FRT of railway equipment from Saudi Arabia to Egypt. Biggest Units...
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Everything counts - Vote for DAKO

This year, the BREAK BULK EUROPE Conference is held in Bremen, Germany. DAKO Worldwide Transport is not only having an own booth, but also participating in the WATERWORLD Photo & Video contest. Please follow below link and vote for this great shot taken in Southern Texas from one of our...

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Door delivery and beyond

Our job does not come to an end when we reach your doorstep. DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT is capable of delivering your valuables onto foundation on a global scale. Most recently done in Gambia, West-Africa where we have positioned this 81 tons engine by jack and slide operation onto the foundation.

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Go West

By mobilizing our very own trucks and axels, DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT is able to perform heavy lift haulages in remote areas where shortage of special equipment is a major obstacle to be overcome. We operate own equipment in the West African (ECOWAS) Region to carry weights up to 210 tons.

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We can't be everywhere. Or can we?

If logistic services are needed in areas with non-sufficent availibility of special equipment, DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT is taking care by mobilizing our own trucks and axles from other locations to provide solutions for our customers. Here you can see one of our "Babies" on a ferry in Gambia...

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Global Reach

DAKO Worldwide Transport most recently arranged shipment of 2 Forging Presses and accessories from France towards India as well as Italy. Biggest challenge was the transport of the 2 press frames each weighing 172 tons. After collection at suppliers...

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