Cement Milling Plant for Ghana

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH executed the transportation of a complete cement milling plant including a huge ball mill with dimensions of 16,90 m x 5,30 m diameter and a unit weight of approx. 150 t from the factory of the supplier in Austria to the final destination in Ghana.
The transport involved the pre-carriage from the factory to a Danube port by hydraulic truck, barge transport from the Danube river via the Rhine-Main-Danube channel, the Main river and the Rhine river to the port of Rotterdam. Shipment by heavy lift multi-purpose vessel with own loading gear to Tema  / Ghana. Unloading and delivery onto the receiving hydraulic trailer which had a capacity of approx. 300 t with which the on-carriage from the port to the final destination at the cement plant near Tema has been successfully concluded.
The whole transport was executed in cooperation with the DAKO / GPLN partner SUPER MARITIME of Ghana.