Gas Turbine Power Plant for Libya

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GmbH has shipped a complete gas turbine power plant with 4 turbines and 4 generators with unit weights of up to 240 tons as well as many additional components from Northern Europe, India, China, Indonesia etc. to Tripoli in Libya in autumn / winter 2021-2022. A total of approx. 25,000 FRT components were shipped, which all arrived safe and sound in Tripoli, Libya and also at the construction site in the meantime. The performance of the DAKO employees included the pre-collection of the materials in different countries, the preparation of the shipment, especially of very delicate components from China, the supervision of the entire transport procedures as well as the supervision and execution of the unloading of the heavy components in the port of Tripoli.

The execution of the transports and the associated operations were difficult due to the Corona pandemic and the therefore more difficult conditions in the shipping countries as well as in the receiving country Libya.

After a long difficult situation in Libya, this was again for DAKO the first large project that could be transported. We are glad and proud that this was done without difficulties and to the full satisfaction of the customer. DAKO has more than 30 years of experience in the Libyan market which helped us again considerably.