Hydroelectric Power Plant Mount Coffee

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH executes the transports of the mechanical and electrical installation and equipment for the hydroelectric power plant Mount Coffee being built inland Liberia, about 100km north of the Port of Monrovia.

DAKO is responsible for shipping all equipment from several European ports, North Sea and Mediterranean, as well as from Brazil to the port of Monrovia, and takes care of all local port handling, customs clearance, intermediary storage and on-carriage of the components to the power plant. This includes very long crane beams for the 200 tons capacity overhead travelling crane in the power house, turbines, generators, transformers and all other material, partly with a size of more than 6m in diameter.

For the delicate heavy and bulk transprots DAKO is using their own 6-axle hydraulic trailer and a respective 550 HP prime mover which is temporarily stationed in Liberia.

The local transportation on mostly non-asphalted roads and trails up to the power plant is quite demanding and asks for very sensitive handling. On the power plant itself DAKO has stationed personnel taking care of the local warehouse, operating of a forklift and especially a 70 tons capacity mobile crane which also has been shipped by DAKO to Liberia.

The project was stopped during the Ebola epidemic and crisis but is now active in full swing.

DAKO is also involved in the shipping of equipment for the reconstruction of the hydraulic construction part of the dam. In the meantime more than 3.500 frt have been transported from various ports of shipment in Europe to the site in Mount Coffee / Liberia. This also included a 100 tons capacity Liebherr mobile crane with a unit weight of 66 tons.