Power Distribution / Switching Stations for Lybya

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH organised the complete logistic and transport for 5 new substations shipped from various European countries via Libyan port of entry to 5 new 400 KV substations situated in various locations in Libya, sometimes several hundred km away from the port of entry. Approx. 100.000 FRT of cargo were shipped and delivered to site incl. heavy transformers with unit weights of up to 240 tons. The local transportation was done by DAKAR LIBYA TRANSPORT, a joint venture company between DAKO and its long-time Libyan transport partner AL ZAGEL. This organisation owns and operates heavy lift transport equipment incl. a brand new Goldhofer trailer with a nominal transport capacity of 400 tons. DAKAR LIBYA was also doing the delivery onto foundation at the various construction sites.