Power Plants for Liberia

DAKO WORLWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH shipped on 2 part-charter vessels the equipment for 2 diesel power plants mainly from Germany and partly from other European countries to Port Buchanan / Liberia as well as a number of FCL shipments to Monrovia and from there over the road to Port Buchanan.

The total volume was about 20.000 frt. 

The main items for this project were 5 gen sets weighing each 92 tons which had to be delivered up to free foundation at the Port Buchanan power plant. DAKO executed the local transport from the port up to the jobsite with imported hydraulic trailer equipment as same was not available in Liberia.

The foundation delivery was arranged with a modern jacking & sliding system which was as well imported under the responsibility of DAKO.

For the second power plant in the mine of Tokadeh, about 230 km from Port Buchanan, 10 diesel engines with a unit weight of 84 tons and 10 generators with unit weights of 39 tons had to be shipped to Port Buchanan, as well as all additional and auxiliary equipment. The transport of the heavy generators and engines is executed on the mines´own railroad from Port Buchanan to the mine at Tokadeh. At Tokadeh DAKO is responsible for the transport from the laydown area close to the mine to the power house inside the mine using the imported hydraulic trailer equipment as well as for the unloading with the trailer´s hydraulic system and the delivery of all engines and generators onto the final foundation inside the power house.