Replacement engine for a power plant on the Cape Verde Islands

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH organized the transport and foundation delivery of a replacement engine for an existing power plant on Sao Vicente Island in Cape Verde. The transport was organized from supplier´s premises via Hamburg and Lisbon and from there by ocean vessel to Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente. Transport was done on a local low boy to the entrance by the power plant where the discharge was arranged from the trailer by a tower lift system which was temporarily imported from Portugal to Cape Verde. With the tower lift the engine was placed on a turntable which was also temporarily imported from Portugal and turned into the correct position. Afterwards the engine was slowly moved into the power plant. The major problem was that the entrance door to the power plant was not high enough and therefore special arrangements were necessary.

In addition the existing reinforcements of the area between the entrance to the power plant and the foundation of the old engine were too weak and a special reinforcement of this area was arranged by the crew hired by DAKO. Before actually placing the engine onto its foundation, the generator was moved aside with the tower lift system. After delivering the engine onto foundation the generator was lifted back to its original place. Finally the whole equipment was aligned so that the crew of the client could finish the final installation.

The whole operation was carefully planned by DAKO with its Portuguese partner and executed successfully to the entire satisfaction of the receiving electricity company.