Rotary and Drying Plant for Kamsar / Guinea

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH recently shipped a plant for drying and milling of BAUXIT to Kamsar, Guinea, with a total about 4500 frt and heavy lifts up to 25 tons. The shipment created a number of problems:

- length of vessel: max. 100m
- sufficient crane capacity to unload in Kamsar
- max. draft loaded: 4,9m
- access to the jetty only during high tide and daylight
- organization of direct delivery on trucks alongside.

The cargo was loaded in the ports of Antwerp and Vigo and transported directly to Kamsar. The biggest piece had a diameter of 560cm.

DAKO organized and supervised with their own personal all loading operations in Belgium and Spain and through their partner also all necessary handling activites in the port of destination. All cargo was delivered without damage and in accordance with the schedule agreed with the client.