DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH, together with the Joint Venture partner DAKO LTW Africa Logistics, has been appointed to transport a column for the refinery in Dakar.

The column had dimensions of 36,15 x 4,85 x 4,75m with a weight of 81 tons and required the use of our 20-axle hydraulic trailer. The distance from the port of Dakar to the refinery is about 11 kilometers, due to the dimensions of the column and the sometimes very narrow curves and roads, a very detailed road survey was necessary which was carried out by our specialists.

In the port of Dakar, the column was unloaded directly from "under hook" of the heavy lift ship onto the 20-axle hydraulic triailer and initially it was moved within the port of Dakar to an interim storage area. This part of the transport was already very demanding due to the tight conditons and the high traffic density in the port of Dakar. The column was set down on elephant feet and stored temporarily until the import formalities were completed.

As is usual for heavy lift transports in Senegal the transport started at 10 pm and reached after 6 hours of transport time the grounds of the Dakar Rafinery without any incident. The transport was completed when the column was set onto concrete blocks by using the trailer's hydraulic systems.

We thank to all parties involved and congratulate our team to this successfull transport.