Transport of Transformers in Dakar

DAKO LTW AFRICA Ltd., a joint venture company formed by DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH from Germany and its local partner Consortium LTW of Dakar / Senegal, recently has transported three heavy transformers with unit weights of 135 tons from under ship's hook Dakar port to the power distribution substation Kounoune / Patte d'Oie in the outskirts of Dakar.

The construction of a new railway line and highways in the Dakar area complicated the search for a suitable way for these heavy transformers. DAKO LTW AFRICA based on equipment of the group which is stationed in West Africa and still did this transport from under ship's crane alongside to storage area inside the port. From there the three heavy pieces were transported in three nights to the substation, unloading at the substation, jacking down, installing the respective wheels and delivering to the final place of rest as indicated by the client.

The transport was done by local and foreign specialists. In spite of the restrictions due to Covid-19 which made the whole operation more difficulet the transformers have been delivered to the final place of rest in time and to the full satisfaction of the client.