Coal-Fired Power Plant for India

DAKOTRANS Moscow with branch office St. Petersburg / Russia, executed the transport of a coal-fired power plant with a total of 43.000 frt, of which 28.000 frt originated from Russia, 6.000 freight tons mainly from Western Europe and 9.000 freight tons were shipped from the USA to Calcutta. The heaviest items to be transported were generators with a unit weight of 378 tons. Final destination was the power station near Barh in the state of Bihar, India.
Shipment of the heavy and bulky items was done with heavy lift carriers equipped to discharge unit weights of almost 400 tons with own gears on barges alongside. The heavy pieces were placed on beams and elephant feet for the whole transportation upriver to a roll-off facility near the power station. From there the heavy units were transported by multi-axle hydraulic trailers to its final destination.