Forging Presses for India and Italy

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH was ordered for picking up and arranging transports of two 4000 tons capacity forging presses including all accessories with destination Torino/Italy and Mumbai/India.

The presses were disassembled at the supplier's factory in France where the smaller pieces were stuffed into containers and the bigger pieces were packed in woode crates for safe road transport and shipping.

The biggest challenges were the transports of the two big press frames with a weight of 172 tons each. After press tilting at the warehouse, the pieces were loaded on special trailers and were brought to the small port of Mulhouse, close to the factory.

One barge sailed to Antwerp and all Indian cargo was transshipped to a conventional Break Bulk vessel with destination Mumbai.

The other barge sailed to Basel where the big press frame was transloaded on a multiaxle heavy lift rail wagon for transport to Torino.