Power Distribution for Afghanistan

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH successfully executed the transportation of two 220KV switching stations which were constructed in Pul-E-Kumri and Mazar-E-Sherif in the northern part of Afghanistan. The equipment originated from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Turkey and India. In general the origin and the time factor for transportation as well as the special situation in Afghanistan and the location of the construction sites demanded the use of different transport routes,i.e.:

  • from Europe by truck via Turkmenistan into the north of Afghanistan
  • from Turkey via Iran, Turkmenistan into Afghanistan
  • Shipment from various European countries by container to Karachi / Pakistan, stripping the containers in Karachi, reloading on trucks and transport via Peshawar / Torkham at the Afghan border, Kabul, to Pul-E-Kumri and Mazar-E-Sherif.
  • Transformers and auxiliary equipment from inland India via Mumbai to Karachi by self-geared vessel, reloading on special low lowbeds, transport to Peshawar / Torkham border, from there via Jalalabad to Kabul where the customs clearance was executed and from there via the Salang pass / Salang tunnel at a height of 3400m above sea level to the final destination in the north of Afghanistan.
  • Especially the transport of the transformers with unit weights of 35 respectively 50 tons from India to the north of Afghanistan was quite challenging.

The transports of the transformers in / from India were organized in cooperation with DACOTRANS INDIA PVT. LTD., Mumbai. DAKO was also responsible for the delivery of the transformers onto foundation.

DAKO took care of obtaining the relevant permits for duty free import from the Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Finance, customs authorities, together with their partner in Afghanistan Messrs. MOMENTUM LOGISTICS, Kabul.

DAKO was locally assisted by DACO INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT PVT. LTD., Karachi, for the transports from Pakistan to the construction site and by their local agent MOMENTUM LOGISTICS, Kabul / Afghanistan, for all works inside Afghanistan.