Cement Mill for Australia

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH has executed the transport of a vertical cement mill and all respective auxiliary machinery from various countries to DAP Port Kembla / Australia.
The total volume of this milling plant was about 3.000 frt which have been shipped partly from Izmir / Turkey and from Bremerhaven and other West European ports directly to Port Kembla.
Most of the equipment originating from Germany has been shipped either by heavy lift carrier or by regular ro/ro vessels fit for transports of heavy and bulky cargo.
The heaviest pieces transported were about 100 t. DAKO was not only responsible for the sipping to Port Kembla but also, together with their Australian partner, for the reception of all the cargo under ship´s hook and transport to the final construction site in the near of the port. The transport and all handling in Australia was executed without any damage and to the satisfaction of the client.