Cement Plant for Guatemala

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH, in cooperation with their Mexican sister company COTRANS S.A. Mexico City and DACO HEAVY LIFT S.A. Guatemala, transport the components of a 4.500 tons per day Greenfield cement plant to Guatemala which are mainly shipped from Mexico, Germany, and other European countries. The DAKO group is entirely responsible for all transportation matters. This includes overland transportation of many heavy and bulky pieces from numerous suppliers in Mexico, transiting the Mexican-Guatemalan border, import customs clearance and onward transportation to the storage areas designated by the ultimate receiver.

Heavy components with unit weights of up to 140 tons are shipped from Europe, partly to the port of Puerto Quetzal at the Pacific cost, partly to Santo Tomas de Castilla at the Atlantic coast, there the equipment is customs cleared and transported by DACO HEAVY LIFT TRANSPORT S.A. to the designated intermediary storage areas.

Due to extreme weather conditions in Central America in autumn 2010 (because of the La Niña phenomenon) heavy rains, floods and landslides made the transport arrangements extremely difficult. In spite of this, DACO HEAVY LIFT TRANSPORT S.A. mastered all transports - especially of the critical heavy lifts - without damage.

The contract is ongoing until 2014.