Diesel Power Plant for Costa Rica

In July 2009 DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH, Düsseldorf/Germany was entrusted with the execution of all transports for a new 200 MW diesel power plant which was to be constructed in the Pacific region of Costa Rica, about 30 km away from the port of Caldera. More than 45.000 frt of heavy machinery, such as diesel engines, generators, transformers, electrical material, constructions, had to be transported from Europe, U.S.A., Mexico and various Far East countries to the plant site in Costa Rica. The heart of the plant consists of 11 heavy diesel engines with dimensions of 1370 x 495 x 660 cm and having a unit weight of each 325 tons. The transport height on the road was 820 cm. The contract is executed jointly with the sister companies DACOTRANS DE CENTROAMERICA S.A. San Jose / Costa Rica and DACO HEAVY LIFT S.A. Guatemala City as leading heavy lift carrier in this region.

The infrastructure in Costa Rica did not allow the transport over the existing roads - especially over the Pan-American Highway. Since several bridges were just not strong enough, the DAKO group was forced to find other routes to reach the construction site. So the transport route finally selected and approved by the Costa Rican Authorities included the transportation over an old non-active railroad track which was temporarily transformed into a road, a temporary river passage through the Rio Barranca, the construction of the access routes to this river passage and the construction of approx. 10 km of an all-weather road through a sugar cane plantation, which consumed more than 13.000 tons of gravel.

The DAKO group was in charge to obtain all permits from the Costa Rican Authorities, to make agreements with the railway company, to obtain the acceptance of governmental, environmental institutes for the river passage and to make agreements with the owner of the sugar cane plantation and finally to obtain the transport permit from the Ministerio de Obras Públicas.

In order to protect small bridges and water outlets on the selected routes, it was necessary to lay the DACO HEAVY LIFT owned overbridge system in 10 different locations for each transport.

The preparation works took 9 months and finally the first 3 heavy diesel engines could be transported in February 2010. These first 3 engines have reached the construction site in time and were delivered by DACO HEAVY LIFT S.A. onto foundations. In the meantime also the first 3 generators which were transported from Finland via North Continental Port to Puerto Limon on the Atlantic coast reached the construction site.

The further transports of super heavy lifts are foreseen for May, June, and August 2010. It is expected that the power plant will deliver electricity in December 2010 – just in time.

Transport equipment used:

  • 2 heavy duty prime movers, 8 x 6 generating more than 1000 HP
  • One 18-axle modular  hydraulic platform trailer,  technical capacity: 540 tons
  • Total weight: 475 tons
  • Total length: 53 m
  • Total width: 5 m
  • Total height: 8,20 m