Diesel Power Station for Dominican Republic

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH, Düsseldorf / Germany, in cooperation with their sister company CARIBETRANS S. A., Santo Domingo, have recently shipped equipment for the extension of a diesel power plant to be built in the area of Pimentel in the Dominican Republic. The heart of the plant - 3 heavy diesel engines with a unit weight of 300 tons each - was shipped in January 2010 from the Port of Trieste to the small port of Arroyo Barril, near to the city of Samana in the Dominican Republic.

DAKO was also responsible for the pre-carriage from the place of rest in Italy to FOB Trieste Port. Reception had to be taken in Arroyo Barril on a 20-axle Goldhofer hydraulic trailer in order to have enough weight distribution on the finger pier. Unloading at Arroyo Barril was done by ship’s gear. All 3 engines reached the port of destination safely.