Power Distribution / Substations for Dominican Republic

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH organized the transport of all materials for an important power distribution project in the Dominican Republic. This project was known as Autopista Electrica and planned to connect the north and the center of the island with the major industrial area around the capital of Santo Domingo. 2 big substations for 345/138 KV were built, known as El Naranjo (not far from Santiago in the center of the island) and Julio Sauri, about 30 km from the port of Rio Haina. DAKO cooperated jointly with their partners CARIBETRANS S.A. Santo Domingo and DACO HEAVY LIFT TRANSPORT S.A. Guatemala, who were responsible for the transportation and foundation delivery of a 600 MVA and 450 MVA transformer with unit weights of 260 resp. 180 tons. The access to the construction sites was very complicated and the normal roads could not be used, so important civil works had to be done which included the construction of a new road, the improvement of other roads, and the building of a river passage. Furthermore several bridges had to be by-passed or reinforced and an overbridge system had to be installed to guarantee a safe transport.

Cargo transported:
1 x 600 MVA transformer
Transport weight: 260 tons

Transport route:
Loading in the port of Rio Haina. Transport through the city of Santo Domingo to the highway in direction Santiago in the interior of the country, leaving the highway after a few km on a narrow road towards the banks of the Rio Haina, passage of the Rio Haina in a shallow area (photos no. 7 & 8), climbing the opposite bank of the river and transport to the construction site at Julio Sauri.

Equipment used:
Goldhofer 20-axle / 160 wheels, hydraulic platform trailer / nominal carrying capacity of 600 tons.
Goldhofer and Kenworth prime movers, Komatsu wheel loader and CAT D9 for river passage and steep hill of 12%.