Power plant for Barbados

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH has concluded the transportation and foundation delivery of power plant equipment to the island of Barbados in the Caribbean Sea.

Due to several weak bridges on the route from port of Bridgetown to the site and heavy reinforcement costs, DAKO proposed a beach landing operation about 11 nautical miles north of Bridgetown in order to avoid all bridges and shorten the road transport to site to just 2km.

Other obstacles such as the relocation of breeding sea turtles and very strict COVID-19 protocols were successfully accomplished,  a temporary roll-off ramp and a completely new road was built according to the environmental requirement of the Barbadian authorities and to connect the beach with the public road network.

A 2000 ton ocean deck barge with Ro/Ro facilities was deployed by DAKO's partner from Colombia along with the necessary modular trailer and a 500 ton capacity gantry system in order to arrange 4 individual barge trips and road transports to move the engines from port to construction site for final assembly into its base frame and coupling to the generators.

Finally, the assembled gen-sets were slid onto its foundations and the entire operation was executed successfully even during the hurricane and rainy season.

No damages, no incidents, proven: DAKO FIRST CLASS IN PROJECTS