Power Plant for El Salvador

For this plant also a joint venture was formed between BLUE WATER SHIPPING, Esbjerg, Denmark, DACO HEAVY LIFT TRANSPORT S. A./Guatemala, DACOTRANS DE CENTROAMERICA S. A./Guatemala, and DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH/Düsseldorf, Germany. A completely new diesel generating power plant was transported from Germany, France, Denmark, Finland and Indonesia to a petrochemical complex in the neighborhood of the port of Acajutla, El Salvador. The heart of the power plant consisted of 4 diesel engines with unit weights between 260 and 320 tons and 4 generators with unit weights of approx. 70 tons. In addition all other equipment such as transformers and electrical installation equipment were transported to the construction site. The diesel engines were partly dismantled and were assembled by the specialists of DACO HEAVY LIFT TRANSPORT S. A. after transport to the site and before delivery onto foundation. The job started in late March/April 2008 and was finished to the entire satisfaction of the Danish client in January 2009.