Power Plant for US Virgin Islands

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH was entrusted with the transportation of a complete LPG plant from Finland to the US Virgin Islands. Centerpieces were three gen-sets with a single weight of 134 metric tons and dimensions of 1300 x 330 x 460 cm.

Due to local environmental specifications also three vocsidizers were shipped, same had a unit weight of 55 metric tons and dimensions of 1100 x 465 x 330 cm.

After loading in Finland, the heavy lift vessel did a further stop in Hamburg in order to load these vocsidizers before continuing her voyage to capital St. Thomas port and further land transportation from port to site by means of SPMT.

DAKO was also responsible for the foundation delivery of the heavy components including its final alignment on foundation. As this Power Plant is an extension to the already existing one, space on site was very tight and therefore, the vocsidizers could not be discharged with a mobile crane. To the satisfaction of our customer, DAKO however was successful in finding an alternative “jack&slide” discharge solution on very short notice.