Air Separation Plant for Ireland

DAKO WORLDWDIE TRANSPORT GMBH has recently executed the transport of several heavy and very bulky pieces partly from the German port of Bremen, partly from Turkey to the final destination Leixlip in Ireland.

The biggest and heaviest piece consisted of one unit with 185 tons and with dimensions 43 x 5 x 4,20m plus several other units which were only slightly smaller.

The ocean transport was effected by part-charter on vessels with own gears from the port of loading to Dublin / Ireland. The major problem was the on-carriage of the heavy lifts through the city and the outskirts of Dublin to the final destination.

In order to make sure that the transport was generally feasible a computerized route survey measuring every single corner as well as the height clearance of this special transport was arranged with a special measuring system brought from Germany to Ireland.

With having this survey in hands the preparation and the obtaining of the transport permits from the various counties still took more than 3 months.

Finally transportation was executed using hydraulic axles from receiving the heavy lifts under hook at Dublin port up to the construction site, delivering the units directly under the crane for the final erection. No damage at all was done to the pieces and the execution of the transport was done in accordance with the planning to the entire satisfaction of the client.