Cement factory in Germany

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH has been awarded with the execution of all transports for a new cement factory to be erected in Burglengenfeld in Southern Germany. The equipment originates from Germany and from suppliers located all over Europe including a big portion from Turkey.

Of course all heavy lifts like the mills, the gear boxes, the roller stations, the kiln tyres, as well as all bulky pieces like kiln sections are included in the total scope of work.

Extremely bulky pieces with heights of 470 cm and widths of 570 cm are creating a lot of problems and are asking for special dedicated solutions. Most of this bulky cargo originates from Turkey and is shipped from Turkish ports in the Aegean and the Sea of Marmara to the Romanian Port of Constanta, and from there on the Danube river by barges to the port of Regensburg.

Besides of discharging all the cargo, warehousing at Regensburg and on-carriage from Regensburg to Burglengenfeld, DAKO is also responsible for obtaining all permits as well as for the customs clearance of all goods. Due to the special dimensions of the bulky pieces, the permitted routing from Regensburg to the jobsite is more than double of the direct road connection. The total volume of this contract is approximately 7.000 frt.