Cement Mill for Poland

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH jointly with their heavy lift transport partner in Poland executed the shipment of a cement mill from ex factory Belgium to Chorula in Poland. The main part of the equipment were cement mills with a unit weight of 220 tons and a total volume of all equipment of 3800 frt.
The overdimensional and heavy cargo could not be transported by direct heavy duty trucks to Poland but the transport was organized from the factory by truck, reloading in a river port on the Schelde river onto barges, transport to Antwerp, loading there on board of a coaster, transport to Szeczin, reloading on barge, transport up the Oder river up to Opole, near Chorula where the cement mills again were unloaded by mobile cranes and loaded onto hydraulic trailers of our Polish partner who finally organized the last stretch of transportation to the cement factory.
The coordination and supervision of all works concerned were done by the staff of DAKO.