Cement Mill for Russia

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH recently transported a cement mill with a length of 18,50 m, a diameter of 5,70 m, and a total height of almost 6 m with a weight of 185 tons from the manufacturer´s location in Austria up to the cement factory located in the industrial area of Sterlitamak, Republic of Bashkortostan. The mill was loaded in Linz/Austria on a Danube barge for transport to the Romanian port of Constanza, where it was reloaded onto an ocean-river-vessel for transport through the Black Sea to Rostov and from there on the Volga-Don-Channel into the Volga and finally to Nizhnekamsk on the Kama. In Nizhnekamsk the cement mill shell was reloaded with the heavy-lift port crane onto a ro/ro-barge for the river transport on the Kama into the Belaja up to Ufa.

For the unloading at Ufa a special roll-off-jetty was constructed by DAKO's own organization in Russia. This was extremely problematic since the river system in Russia had only very little water in 2015. For the roll-off-operation special steel plates were placed on the jetty and 2 heavy prime movers pulled the 24 axle hydraulic trailer with 192 wheels from the barge onto firm ground. The road transport from Ufa to Sterlitamak was effected on this 24 axle combination to reduce the ground pressure on the road and to pass over several bridges, some of them were especially fortified for this transport and important civil works were carried out to construct the jetty and to improve the road conditions.

The transport started in Austria mid of September 2014 and finally arrived on December 1st after covering a distance of about 5700km. The road transport had to be executed during the Russian winter season, however, due to the good logistic coordination and preparation this did not have any major influence.