High efficiency presses for Russia

The transport and erection order for these special presses, consisting of machinery and equipment with a total volume of 12.000 FRT, including various heavy lifts with unit weights up to 220 tons, was awarded to DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH in Düsseldorf. The final destination was CPT Elektrostal located 58 km east of Moscow.

DAKO cooperated very closely with its subsidiary company DAKOTRANS AG Moscow / St. Petersburg for both, transportation and erection.

Most of the cargo originated from Germany. The machinery was transported in accordance with the technical necessities: By normal overland truck, special low beds directly to Elektrostal, heavy lifts by heavy duty trucks in Germany, barge and sea-river-vessel up to St. Petersburg and again by barge to Moscow harbor on the Moskva-river, unloading there with heavy duty cranes and then a very problematic road transport through a good part of the city of Moscow up to its final destination.

The DAKO group was responsible for the erection of the heavy equipment and machinery. The erection equipment, especially the 1.000 tons capacity mega lift system was transported with totally 42 overland trucks. The heaviest assembled part, lifted by using strand jacks and moved into its final position, had a single weight of 1.400 tons. The equipment was temporarily imported for the erection period and after successful completion of all works, it was re-exported to Germany.

All operations for obtaining transport permits in Russia, especially for the Moscow area, permits for temporary import of the special erection equipment and the re-export of same, were in the hands of DAKOTRANS AG St. Petersburg who have acquired an important know-how in this field over the past 10 years.

In spite of the heavy winter and many restrictions caused by same, the whole job was smoothly and successfully executed under the supervision and control of DAKO.