New Ball Mill for Cement Plant in Germany

After having done a long technical preparation and feasability study, DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH received the order to execute the transport of a new ball mill of 88 tons and dimensions of 14 x 4,30 x 4,55 m. The transport was from ex factory of a German special supplier to an existing traditional cement in Erwitte in North Rhine-Westphalia including foundation delivery / construction inside the factory. The old cement mill which was in the same place was removed previously and new foundations had been prepared. The area where to install the new ball mill was extremely narrow and so this technical operation was very complicated.

It was within the scope of DAKO and its sub-suppliers to obtain the transport permits from the German authorities. This implied to arrange for a technical bridge study on the transport route and to select the respective hydraulic transport equipment to allow the passage of this bridge without important technical / mechanical works.

After arrival in the cement factory the ball mill was unloaded and placed on a SEFIRO transporter which has a very high loading capacity (150 tons on 5 axles) and is extremely well movable because all axles are steerable by mechanical and hydraulic systems. On this trailer with a loading height of 600mm the mill was transported inside the cement factory. The previous calculations proved to be correct even though sometimes only a few centimeters of space were available.

Inside the cement factory a hydraulically operated tower lift system was installed to unload the ball mill from the SEFIRO mover and then in different steps to place the new cement mill in its future production position. Finally the mill body was lowered into its position which worked perfectly well so to allow DAKO's client to do the further installation work. The whole operation was executed like planned and was successfull in every aspect, technically and time-wise.