Pipe Forming Press To VYKSA / Russia

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH was entrusted in summer 2007 by the Consortium MOSHANIR & NIROO VA TAVAN with the transport of the equipment for a complete gas turbine power plant from the ports of Yokohama, Shanghai and Antwerp to Bandar Abbas and Assaluyeh/Iran with final destination to Kharg Island. The total volume was approx. 10.000 FRT with 6 heavy lifts from Antwerp weighing 74 tons each and 12 heavy lifts from Yokohama weighing up to 63 tons each. Local handling in Iran was completed in joint cooperation with DAKO's Iranian partner PAZAND TARABAR INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT.

Because of draught problems German water authorities supplied additional water by opening sluices of a nearby dam. After reloading one of the heavy pieces at the pier of the nuclear power station Grohnde at the lower Weser, the transport was executed via the Mittelland Canal and the river Rhine to Rotterdam. There all the cargo was loaded on a vessel bound for St. Petersburg.

In St. Petersburg the cargo was transferred by use of a 300 tons floating crane onto a barge to Dzerzhinsk at the confluence of the Oka river into the Volga.

There again reloading took place onto a ro/ro deck barge on board of which the last stretch of transportation was done. DAKO Moscow has built a ramp on the shore of the Oka river near to the client´s factory. Here the cargo was rolled-off the barge by means of heavy duty tractors and hydraulic trailers and brought to the jobsite.

The "normal cargo" was transported by DAKO with about 300 trucks directly from various suppliers in Western Europe to the factory in Vyksa.

DAKOTRANS Moscow was also entrusted jointly with DAKO by the Russian client with the erection of the heavy components of the pipe forming press. The work was done with a special hydraulic megalift system which was temporarily imported from Germany. The erection was performed by German technicians within a period of 10 days.

All the works were performed just before the start of the winter period in Russia and to the entire satisfaction of the clients.