Transport of a huge crystallizer to St. Petersburg

A crystallizer with enormous size was recently transported by DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH from the factory in Istanbul-Tuzla via the port of Istanbul-Haydarpasa to St. Petersburg / Russia.

DAKO was responsible for taking over the heavy unit with the dimensions of 16,54m x 8,20m x 8,47m and a gross weight of 80 tons from ex works factory. The transport was executed by using a lowboy to the nearest water connection, there picked up by a 300 tons floating crane and transferred with the same to the loading pier at Haydarpasa. The loading into the non-geared vessel was arranged with a mobile crane for the voyage from Istanbul through the Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Baltic Sea to St. Petersburg. The crystallizer was discharged in St. Petersburg by a special heavy mobile crane directly onto the hydraulic trailer for the local transport.

It was not the weight of the crystallizer but the tremendous dimensions and the location of the center of gravity which made the transport very challenging.

After thorough investigations and preparations the transport was executed very smoothly and the crystallizer was successfully delivered to the final receiver in Russia.