Power Plant for Northern Iran

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH has executed the transport of a power plant. The heart of this plant was three generating sets with unit weights of 135 tons + an important amount of containers and other breakbulk material. The whole cargo filled a complete especially chartered sea-river vessel which loaded in Rauma / Finland and travelled through the Baltic Sea, the port of St. Petersburg, the Ladoga Lake and southbound the Volga to the Caspian Sea with final destination Amirabad port / Iran.

Loading of all equipment in Rauma was done with two heavy land based 100 tons capacity cranes in tandem. Discharge in Amirabad with one 240 tons capacity mobile crane directly from the sea-river vessel onto hydraulic trailers for on-carriage to the new power station. The transit time from Finland to Amirabad was about 24 days. The whole transport was executed very recently just before the closing of the Russian waterways for the next winter seasons.