Air Separation Plant For Cantarell / Mexico

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH executed the transport for a gas separation plant from Northern Europe, Mediterranean ports, Korea as well as from the United States to free jobsite at Cantarell / Mexico. DAKO was responsible for the preparation, engineering and organization of the transports, chartering of the heavy lift vessels from North Sea Ports as well as from Korea including unit weights up to 260 tons, transshipment at the Port of Dos Bocas onto trailers positioned onto heavy lift barges.

The Mexican sister company of DAKO, COTRANS S.A., was responsible for receiving the heavy lift packages on the barge, stowage of the heavy lifts loaded on trailers on the barge, transport along the coast to the river San Pedro, Ro-Ro operation at a specially prepared ramp and on-carriage to the jobsite.

The total job consisted of 30.000 FRT and involved heavy lifts up to 260 tons with dimensions up to 15,2 m length / 12,7 m width / 13,7 m height.