Power Plant for Canada

In late summer / autumn 2013 DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH has executed the transport of a new power plant from ex factory in Germany via the US Gulf to Whitecourt / Alberta, Canada.

Heart of the plant were the 10 gen sets with unit weights of 150 metric tons each, which were shipped in 2 lots by heavy lift vessels from the German Baltic port of Rostock to Houston. At Houston DAKO organized the direct delivery of the gen sets onto heavy duty railcars which were dispatched after thorough bracing and blocking in 2 lots to a rail siding near the final destination close to the new power plant at Whitecourt / Alberta.

The gen sets were unloaded from the railcars with a tower lift system and loaded on a multi-axle hydraulic trailer which carried the heavy lifts to the power plant. The offloading from the hydraulic trailer was executed with a jacking and sliding system with which the gen sets were transferred into their final position in the power house. All these activities as well as the transport of additional 8.000 freight tons, partly from Europe, partly from US suppliers, were within the scope of responsibility of DAKO.

The plant will finally give necessary electric power for a big paper and pulp mill in Whitecourt / Alberta, Canada.