Wind Generating Plants for USA and Worldwide Export

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH has been contracted by one of their long years clients to transport in 2020 and 2021 approximately 600 blades for wind generating plants for export from Mexico.

Before getting this important transport order investigations and road studies had to be made to finde the best suitable transportation route from the factory in the noprthern part of Mexico mainly to the port of Brownsville. The blades with a length between 68 and 75 meters needed very special attention.

One big problem was to make the border crossing from Mexico to the US. It was necessary to change the position of one of the border control booths in order to give enough space to allow the long blades to pass. DAKO organized and supervised together with their partner in Mexico Messrs. COTRANS SA the whole operation. In addition the under passage of a bridge as well as the entrance to the port of Brownsville created problens and made it necessary to adjust the tip frames to allow a secure transport. After dry runs were successful the transportation of the wind mill blades could start in Spring 2020.

In the meantime DAKO jointly with their partner COTRANS transported more than 400 of these blades successfully. In spite of Covid-19 which created additional problems with transport permits and US-import allowances a good system was put in place to make a mostly problem free execution of the transports possible.