Power Plant Extension For Collahuasi Mine / Chile

After having executed the first transport of 4 diesel engines with unit weights of 165 tons, DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH was also awarded with the transportation of all equipment for the extension of the same power plant. Now however the diesel engines to be transported had a unit weight of 220 tons and the generators were weighing approx. 70 tons. Considering the location of the mine at 4500 m above sea level this was of course an additional challenge. DAKO was responsible for the whole transport from the factory in Rostock/Germany by heavy lift vessel up to the port of Iquique, local handling, clearance, oncarriage to the construction site and setting onto foundation of the heavy engines and the generators in the plant. This job was again done in cooperation with our partners UTC OVERSEAS S.A., Santiago de Chile. The transport started end of 2009 and all equipment reached its final destination in time and with no damage in January 2010.