Power Plant for Chincha / Peru

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH has successfully transported the equipment of a new power plant for Chincha / Peru. This power plant is situated about 200 km south of the Peruvian capital Lima.

The main items shipped by DAKO for this plant were two gensets which initially were transported by coaster from Finnish port of Rauma to Antwerp for further on-carriage with a breakbulk parcel service to Callao, the main port of Peru. The other items were transported from subcontractors also via Antwerp to the same destination.

In Callao after customs clearance was executed the heavy lifts of each 140 tons unit weight and dimensions of 1290 x 330 x 430 cm were on-carried onto hydraulic trailers to Chincha on the "Panamericana" highway.

The transport - especially the passage from Callao through the capital Lima - was extremely difficult due to weight, size and extremely heavy traffic in this area. Some weak bridges had to be avoided and for this detours were necessary.

All this was executed very professionally and successful. DAKO was also responsible for the foundation delivery of these gensets. This was problematic because of the lack of space in this power plant.