Power Plant For Collahuasi Mine / Chile

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH was awarded in autumn 2008 the transport of a diesel generating power plant to be shipped from Germany and other European countries to the port of Iquique in the northern part of Chile and oncarriage to a huge copper mine called Collahuasi approx. 100 km away from Iquique at a height of 4.500 m in the Andes. For the local handling in Chile and the oncarriage DAKO cooperated with UTC OVERSEAS S. A./Santiago de Chile. The first part of the project consists of 4 diesel engines with unit weights of 165 tons and 4 generators of 45 tons plus 5.000 FRT of auxiliary material. The extension which will be shipped in 2010 will consist of 2 engines with a unit weight of 220 tons plus auxiliary material. Besides the transportation DAKO was also responsible for the delivery to the final destination which was done by use of a 200 ton hydraulic tower lift system. The transportation of the heavy lifts to a height of 4.500 m required in certain parts up to 4 heavy duty power heads. The first 4 engines shipped in 2008 were delivered in time to the client. The foundation delivery was executed without any problems.