Power Plant for El Morro / Colombia

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH has successfully concluded two part shipments consisting of six heavy main components weighing about 100 tons each from Europe to free site / free foundation in the Colombian mountains. The overall scope included six heavy gas engines + six generators + about 10.000 frt of other equipment.

Due to the "El Niño"-phenomenon, which hit Colombia last summer with heaviest rain falls, many rivers were flooded and so DAKO and its partner were confronted with landslides, washed away by-passes, broken bridges and similar.

The final transport route taken for the first part shipment from Cartagena to the Colombian mountains had finally double the distance as originally calculated. DAKO had to use two barges on a confluent to the Orinoco river, and to rehabilitate about 60 km of dirt road to allow the heavy transport to pass.

The transport of 4 gensets of 134 tons of the second part shipment was not easier. Contrary to our expectations we were not allowed to do the transport on the same route as the first gensets and we had to make other arrangements which included by-passes, overbridges, river crossings on a new route. Finally all cargo arrived safely on the jobsite and the re-assembly of the gensets was done and the delivery of all heavy items on foundation successfully concluded.