Power Plant for Luren / Peru

DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH has executed in 2016 the transport of a new power plant in the area of Ica at the community Luren.

DAKO was responsible for the transportation of 2 heavy gensets with unit weights of 140 tons plus all other material like transformers, construction equipment and the necessary machinery for this new power plant, with a total volume of about 5.000 frt.

The transportation was executed from European ports via the port of Pisco / Peru to the construction site at Luren, province Ica. On the way to the power plant one bridge had to be reinforced in order to allow safe transit. This also was within the scope of DAKO.

On site the delivery of the 2 gensets was done as jacking and sliding on the foundation by DAKO's subcontractor in Peru which was within the scope of responsibility of DAKO.

In Peru DAKO cooperates with Messrs. TP Logistics, Lima, their long year's partner in this country.