Thermoelectric Power Station For Argentinia

DACOTRANS DE ARGENTINA S.A., jointly with DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GMBH, executed the transport of a gas-fired power plant called Brigadier Lopez to the port of Zarate on the Rio de la Plata in Argentina. The total volume shipped was approx. 10.000 frt. The cargo originated from various countries, i.e. USA, Germany, other European countries, Vietnam and China.
The main heavy lifts to be shipped were:

- 1 generator with a unit weight of 317 tons
- 1 gas turbine with a unit weight of 310 tons

The heavy lifts were shipped by geared heavy lift carriers. The generator was loaded in the port of Norfolk and the turbine in Rotterdam. Both have safely reached the port of Zarate and DACOTRANS DE ARGENTINA organized the reception of the cargo from the vessel, the delivery in the port and loading onto heavy lift trailers for the transportation to the Brigadier Lopez power plant.

Transport period:
from December 2010 - May 2011