The main activity of DAKO WORLDWIDE is the organisation of transports of complete industrial plants from the places of production all over the world up to delivery to jobsites even in very remote areas of the globe.

Project transport activities include the sea freight of overdimensional packages, prefabricated or complete industrial units by conventional liner vessels, special heavy lift carriers, semi-submersible vessels, float on-float off pontoons, combined operation of hydraulic trailers and ro/ro vessels, as well as the transportation of containerized cargo.

DAKO WORLDWIDE organizes the direct transport of project cargo to Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia), Central Asia, Near- and Middle East by rail and road, this also includes the direct transport of overdimensional units and heavy lifts to destinations in North Africa (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco). DAKO WORLDWIDE offers trailer services on ferry boats via the Mediterranean Sea.

The execution of project transports to overseas countries require tailor-made multi-modal transport solutions. This is the speciality of DAKO WORLDWIDE. The service spectrum of DAKO WORLDWIDE includes pre-carriages to the sea ports, ocean freight to overseas countries, transit customs clearance and final customs clearance at destination, delivery of heavy-/and super heavy lifts positioned onto foundations as well as the supervision of all these activities.