Special Projects / Multi Modal Transports

This is definitely the speciality of DAKO WORLDWIDE. It has always been the aim and will also be in the future the main activity and passion of our project team and management to move complete industrial plants from the place of manufacturing to the final destinations, involving a chain of different carriers, services and a combination of all transportation methods and means.

From the phase of planning, the setting-up of an industrial project with evaluating various routes of transportation, studying ports, water ways, rail and road conditions, the engineering of heavy lift movements with calculation of bridge capacities, road surveys, checking stress factors and other problems that require solutions, until the actual execution of the transports of such material DAKO WORLDWIDE can offer its best possible assistance to study tailor-made solutions by an experienced and dedicated professional team.

Please contact our experienced project team and our management. The project team and the management of DAKO WORLDWIDE have a vast experience in engineering, preparation and handling of all kinds of heavy, bulky and out of gauge cargo.

DAKO WORLDWIDE has planned, prepared and executed transports of pieces with weights of almost 1.000 tons, length of more than 60 m, width of 15 m, height of 20 m, from and to various parts of this world. This includes the pick-up of these pieces from the ground of manufacturer’s premises, pre-carriage by road, by rail, on waterways, ocean transportation, port handling, on-transportation to the final construction site, the lifting and the delivery on prepared foundations.
We offer tailor-made solutions and are sure that the creative and experienced project team of DAKO WORLDWIDE will also offer a solution for your logistic problems in the field of project transportation.